Winemaking Sensory Resources

Lab PictureThe following resources are powerpoint presentations created by workshop collaborators for a Sensory Evaluation for Winemakers workshop held by the Enology and Viticulture program in April of 2011. These presentations lay out information on sensory evaluation in the winery, the cause of common wine faults, and how to detect them.

Download this overview chart of common wine faults, their causes, and detecting them: Common Wine Faults Chart
Molly Kelly, former Enologist for Surry Community College's Viticulture and Enology program, presents the basics on Volatile Acidity in the winery: Volatile Acidity
Appalachian State University's Dr. Seth Cohen describes sulfur and sulfur reduction issues: Sulfur and Reduction
Dr. Trevor Phister, former Enologist for North Carolina State University gives an overview of microbiological taints in the winery: Microbial Faults

Todd Steiner of Ohio State University lays out some options for establishing a sensory panel in the winery: Sensory Evaluation for Commercial Wineries