The Enology and Viticulture program at Appalachian State University provides an analysis lab, research, and support to the North Carolina wine industry. Chemical analysis of grapes, must, and wine provides winemakers and winegrowers with vital data that informs decision making from harvest through bottling. Research topics and workshop series are conducted with the input of key personnel from wineries and vineyards and in collaboration with other Enology and Viticulture programs across the state.

Enology and Viticulture at Appalachian State University is supported by the Small Business Administration. Additional research is funded by the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center and the North Carolina Wine and Grape Council.

A full undergraduate degree program in Enology/Fermentation science is under development with limited course offerings becoming available in Spring 2010. This program will immerse students in the practice, process, chemistry, and economics of wine. Elective introductions to other ferments will be integrated into the course schedule.