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Feedback from winemakers and winegrowers of North Carolina directs the focus of Enology and Viticulture research and workshops. In 2010, this feedback has instigated projects on the emergent prominent issues of marketing, winery wastewater, and the development of a statewide sensory panel program.

Research is achieved in an interdisciplinary manner in collaboration with faculty from other programs at Appalachian State University such as Marketing, Hospitality, Environmental Science, Appropriate Technology, and Chemistry. Wineries across North Carolina host research in their facilities, and viticultural projects are conducted at an experimental vineyard plot at the Upper Mountain Research Station in Lansing, NC.

Workshop March 2011Workshop Series 2010-2013

Facilitation of the 2010-2012 Wine Workshop Series is provided by a grant from the GoldenLEAF Foundation, NC Biotechnology Center, and NC Rural Economic Development Center. Meetings feature 3 to 5 speakers who are either professionals or academic specialists in their field. Topics are science-based with practical application for producers. Workshops in 2012 will cover commercial fermentation management, Quality Control protocols,oxygen managment, and filtration.

Winery Tracker Survey

Supported by funding from the Small Business Administration, faculty researchers from the Appalachian State University Walker College of Business are conducting Tasting Room Consumer Surveys as well as winery management surveys across North Carolina in 2010. The information they collected will be presented to the North Carolina Wine and Grape Council and used to inform business planning and marketing workshops and guides for statewide distribution. Our focus on winery and tasting room business planning and marketing will also be represented in the Enology/Fermentation degree program currently under development in the Appalachian State University College of Arts and Sciences.

           2009  NC Winery Tracker Report: Click here for the full report

           2010  NC Winery Tracker Report: Click here for the full follow-up report, released August 2011

2010 Vineyard Survey: In the early stages of the 2010 winegrowing season, the Enology and Viticulture program sent researcher Stephanie Smith into the field for an in-person vineyard survey of the state.

This research, supported by the Small Business Administration, highlighted popular winegrape varieties and common viticultural practices across North Carolina. This information will be provided back to North Carolina's viticulture community and used to assess sustainable growing techniques already in use in the state, and the potential for improvement in both sustainability and quality of grapes.

          Click here for the full 2010 Vineyard Survey report.

Vineyard Erosion Study

The 2010 Vineyard Erosion Control Study is funded by a grant from the North Carolina Wine and Grape Council.

Nine rows of research vines were planted vertically down an inclined experimental plot at the Upper Mountain Research Station in Lansing, NC. In 2010, large cement and plastic catchments were installed at the base of each row in order to collect and compare water runoff after rain events.

Three treatments were randomly assigned to three rows each: a White Dutch Clover cover crop planting, coconut fiber erosion control cloth, and bare soil treated regularly with herbicide.

Upper Mountain and Wine Initiative staff monitored the site for weather conditions, collecting samples after each rain event, and analyzing the soil contents of each sample during the 2010 growing season.

          Click here for the full 2010 Soil Erosion report.