Analytical Services for Wine, Cider, and Distillate

lab rates buttonPlease see here for our current rates and contact the lab at to submit samples.

 Please remember to always notify the lab in advance when sending samples.            

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labCraft beverage services at Appalachian State University include the analysis of grape, wine, must, beer, hops, barley, and distillate samples. Our mission is to support the production of consistent, high quality products by providing analytical services coupled with technical assistance to growers and producers.  

Contact us to create a Member Access account for online viewing and tracking of data. 

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The Enology Services Lab was developed from a Small Business Administration grant in 2009 with the objective of supporting the sustainability of the North Carolina wine industry through quality control and consistency. Funding through the GoldenLEAF Foundation has enabled us to expand the capacity of the lab.

We are currently providing grape and wine analyses including:

  • Brix, Soluble Solids, Residual Sugars
  • Nitrogen (FAN + NH4)
  • SO2 (Total and Free)    
  • Titratable Acidity
  • Malic Acid
  • Alcohol
  • pH
  • Volatile Acidity
  • Stability Trials

Sensory evaluation is also available at no additional cost. Contact the lab at for more information.

We are continually updating our industry-wide database of relevant vintage data we feel is both interesting and useful to the NC wine industry. This allows producers to track data over time, consider their own production in the context of their peers, and encourage discussions between industry members and educational / extension resources throughout the state. See our new page, Viewing Data, for updated vintage summaries.


Looking for hop, barley, and brewing analysis? See our Brewing Services page.



While individual analyses are still available, we have structured reduced-rates for panels to keep lab services accessible to small businesses.

Please see here for our current rates and contact the lab at to submit samples.

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Please contact us regarding optional rates for analysis of larger numbers of samples or wine tracking services to follow specific lots during processing, aging, and packaging.

Please submit a check with your sample submission form and samples.

Make check payable to: ASU Enology

If you are interested in basic laboratory, sensory, or equipment training, you can find workshop information here.

See our Order Services page to send samples into the lab.


Create an Account

Creating an online account with the Enology Services Lab allows you to easily submit orders for analyses online with just a few clicks. Online submission gives lab personnel advanced notice that your samples are in the mail, improves efficiency for lab workflow, and gets your results back to you more quickly. Lab results will be sent to you via email and are made available and cataloged for lab clients via the member access function. Only contact information is required to create an account.


Contact us with your questions or to create an account.


This program recieved support from the GoldenLEAF Foundation.


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