Submit Samples

**PLEASE NOTE 1/24/16** Our online invoice tool will be available this spring. Please see here for our current rates and contact the lab at to submit samples.

 Please remember to always notify the lab in advance when sending samples.             Contact us at or 828-406-6014

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How to Submit Samples:

1. Print and complete a sample submission form. Include completed form and check with your samples.

2. Use the rate schedule to calculate your payment. Be sure to contact the lab with your shipping tracking number. Make check payable to: ASU Enology

3. Review the shipping instructions.

Contact the lab at or 828-406-6014 for more information.

*PLEASE NOTE that samples shipped through US Postal Service will take an additional day to reach the lab due to University routing.*

Consider creating an account! This process will take a few seconds and only requires contact information. This will save you from entering the information again later, and allow you to see your previous orders and data. Contact us to create an account.