Wine Quality Alliance

The North Carolina Wine Quality Alliance Program (QAP) is an industry-led program developed through collaboration between the North Carolina Winegrowers’ Association, the NC Grape and Wine Council, over 30 industry volunteers, and the Fermentation Sciences program at Appalachian State University.

Why participate?

The mission of the QAP is to ensure the commercial viability of North Carolina wines by providing a voluntary program to identify fault-free commercial NC wines, with the overall goal of educating the public on NC wine quality.

By participating in the QAP program, you enhance the reputation of North Carolina wines, demonstrate your brand’s dedication to quality, and provide a higher level of consumer assurance.   

All wines are evaluated by a trained and validated sensory panel in a blind fashion.  Panelists consist of a wide range of industry professionals, and have demonstrated the ability to correctly identify common wine faults through training over the past 2 years. Wines are also submitted for chemical analysis to provide analytical assessment and detailed information to the producer; sensory feedback and comprehensive analytical results are provided to the producer.

Successful wines are eligible to carry the Quality Alliance Program approval sticker for use in marketing, labeling, and as a talking point with consumers and retail outlets.

All entries to the QAP are voluntary and strictly anonymous; results are provided only to the person submitting the samples and each person can determine what they would like to do with the information.  A database of submissions to the QAP is not maintained as public record.

How does it work?

Submit two bottles of each wine to be evaluated following the directions on the linked submission form. Our trained sensory panel will review wines the following week and run samples through the ASU Enology Services Laboratory for analytical results.

How can you be involved?

If you support the goals of the Quality Alliance Program there are multiple ways to be part of the process:

1) Submit wines for an upcoming session,  2) sign up to train for the judging panel in future sessions, and 3) talk to other winemakers and your retail outlets about this program.


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