Shipping Information

Please send all samples overnight to ensure integrity and accuracy of analysis. Avoid shipping samples Thursday afternoon through Friday; if this must be done please inform the lab at 828-406-6014.

Samples sent via US Postal Service will take an additional day to reach the lab due to University routing.

Please contact the lab with your shipping tracking number.

Make orders through our order services page.

Be sure to print and complete the sample submission form and mail in with samples and check to:


949 Blowing Rock Rd.

Boone, NC 28608

When using the United States Postal Service as a carrier please send to:

Enology Service Lab

ASU Box 32184

Appalachian State University

Boone, NC 28608

 Results will be emailed to designated address. Papers copies can be made upon request.

Please contact or 828-406-6014 for more information.

Packaging Your Samples 

Send 250 - 500 ml in clean, sealed container with minimal headspace. 8 oz plastic water bottles work well and will be sufficient per sample for most analyses and panels.

Glass wine bottles should be package in wine shipper or equivalent protection.  Rinse bottles with juice/wine before filling to eliminate any dilution of samples. 

For beer, 12oz or 22oz bottles or cans will also work. If sending samples for CO2 Volume please send two samples of the final packaged product.

Juice, must, wort, and yeast samples require a cold-pack.