Business Planning & Marketing

If you are interested in entering the grape or wine industry, thinking about planting a vineyard, opening a winery, are in-process, or simply want to re-visit your business model, take a look through the materials and links below gathered from our 2011 Wine Business Workshop.

There are numerous resources available to assist those interested in entering into the wine industry. The NC Department of Commerce has also compiled a web-based resource for those interested in reading more (here).

Business Plan Development

  • Writing a Business Plan, A Guide for Small Premium Wineries, Dr. Gerald White, Cornell University.
  • Writing a Business Plan, An Example for a Small Premium Winery, Dr. Gerald White, Cornell University.
  • NC State University's Agricultural and Resource Economics program has developed Crop Budgets for muscadine grapes.
  • The SCORE network, a nonprofit association of retired entreprenuers dedicated to helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed nationwide, also provides business planning templates online. Local chapters provide free business mentoring.

 Licensing and Permits

NC Industry Organizations

Financing Options

Business Link Logo

  • The NC Department of Commerce's Business Link NC is a comprehensive business development resource for North Carolina businesses inluding wineries. Check out their website or see this Overview of Business Financing Resources available in NC presented by Business Link NC Manager Briles Johnson at ASU's Wine Business workshop held in May 2011.
  • The CAN Capital Access Network is one such busines financing resource.

Other Business Development Resources

 Wine Business Materials

These materials (pdf format) were originally presented at the 2011 Wine Business Workshop hosted by Appalachian State University:

Justin Furr   NC Wine & Grape Council Update
Briles JohnsonOverview of Business Financing Resources
Dr. Gerald WhiteTimeline and Strategies for Investment in a Winery
Dr. Gerald WhiteMarketing Plan
Dr. Gerald White

Smart Marketing Article

Dr. Gerald WhiteReleased July 2011: Cost of Establishment and Production of Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York-2010 

 Click here to see biographies of all the presenters who contributed content above.

The ASU Enology and Viticulture group will continue to publish resources pertaining to the development of the wine and grape industries in NC. We will also continue to offer seminars pertaining to vineyard and winery economics, business planning and strategy and marketing.

Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to make yourself available to others interested in the wine industry in NC.